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Letters to the Editor
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I read the editorial by The Signal on the threat to democracy and the First Amendment by mainstream media, social media giants and the deep state (FBI/CIA), which conspired to suppress the story of the Hunter Biden emails. I never realized this right-wing election issue from 2020 was still threatening our democratic republic, as The Signal seems to believe.

I am surprised to find that the Hunter Biden story is still with us. I expected that having Donald Trump’s son-in-law awarded a $2 billion investment account by Saudi Arabia might have made the Biden laptop story seem insignificant. And having the former president impeached twice, investigated for theft of government records with classified documents, might be of more concern. Or maybe the attempt to overturn an election result, fomenting a coup and insurrection, plotting to substitute fake electors, Georgia election interference and voter suppression by GOP state governments might be more newsworthy. But no, The Signal is still obsessed with the Biden laptop story. This says a lot about the credibility of our local newspaper to inform its readers of important news stories. 

Thomas Oatway


Editor’s note: The editorial to which Mr. Oatway refers was a reprint of an editorial published Oct. 22, 2020, which was noted at the top of the piece. 

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