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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Special thanks to Mr. Hilmar Rosenast of Valencia for finding my letters an “interesting read.” I really do appreciate the accolade (Sept. 15).

Now, setting aside Mr. Rosenast’s gobbledygook regarding Catholicism, I think it’s fairly accurate to say that everything that has ever been written about God (or on God’s behalf), the God that the Catholics worship or any other God for that matter, was written by men. As for the concept of “divine inspiration,” for all I know these men could just as easily have been inspired by the contents of a bottle. Long and lonely days in the desert can affect the performance of one’s senses and the perception of reality can get muddled by shimmering mirages and hallucinations. Furthermore, the added possibility of ancient religious or political “agendas” can be a debate unto itself. Unfortunately none of us were there when those pages were being written — if only.

Although the Bible is, as I said, “a good read,” it’s not THAT good (its popularity notwithstanding). After having read it a few times from cover to cover, I can honestly say (if I may be so bold, if not downright arrogant) that I could have written it myself. I say this because on more than one occasion I came across passages that read just like some of the ideas I had been pondering on my own (Romans 9:20 is one such example. I laughed out loud when I first read that one). So, beyond the supernatural stuff, Paul’s marketing letters to his “regional distributors,” and the ultimate “jungle cruise,” the Book of Revelation, it’s basically some historical records (maybe) and a few interesting stories combined with some very astute observations on people and humanity (Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are my personal favorites). 

And that’s about it.

As for faith, it’s not that I don’t WANT to believe. I simply feel no NEED to believe, and there’s a difference. The reason why I left “The Church” is given by Luke 17:21-22, that and the fact that I see no point in congregating with hypocrites — it’s akin to “casting one’s pearls before swine.” Perhaps there will someday come a day when Mr. Rosenast (and those like him) will similarly be freed of the need (or the FEELING of the need) to believe. Until then I resolutely submit that their position on matters regarding “God’s Will” (if such a thing even exists) is so full of holes I could literally drain spaghetti through it. 

Pasta anyone?

Have a blessed day, Mr. Rosenast.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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