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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

On these pages I have been accused of being, “at best anti-constitutional and possibly pro-authoritarian.” At least I’m not a traitor, thanks for that small gift, Gary Morrison. These attacks get thrown around because I, and tens of millions of my fellow Americans, have issues with the 2020 election. Apparently anyone who has issues with this AND ONLY THIS election are to have their allegiance to the nation questioned. You see, it’s people like Gary Morrison that memory hole any Democrat who has ever questioned any election they lost. “Diego Vega” even said Hillary Clinton never said the election was stolen on these pages. Gaslighting at its finest! 

 So in the interest of helping those who forgot or decided to purposefully ignore the truth, here is a five-minute montage of Democrats denying the results of the 2016 election, including and especially Hillary Clinton:

It should be noted that the esteemed arbiter of truth, YouTube, immediately censored this from their platform, which of course means it’s too painful of a a truth that must be kept from the public. How dare the public know what election deniers the left are? One might even call them anti-constitutional.   

The left’s favorite tactic is to accuse their opponents of that which they are guilty of. When they accuse me/us of being anti-constitutional and pro-authoritarian it’s them who are guilty. Otherwise why on Earth would YouTube censor Democrat election deniers with their own words? Are their own words misinformation? Surely the very words of leading Democrats will cause people like Gary Morrison and Diego Vega to adjust their opinions, right? The video montage doesn’t lie, does it? They can’t attack the source. Matt Taibbi is a longtime Democrat and contributor to Rolling Stone.

It is our right and duty to question elections if it warrants. Democrats used to staunchly believe this, too, at least before November 2020 they did. Their memories are very short, but I’m here to help them with their own words! You’re welcome.   

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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