Michael Woodings | Every Vote Counts, Casting it for Garcia

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Early voting for the midterm elections has begun. No matter what your political affiliation, you must agree every vote counts, especially in close races. This subject makes me remember 1968 when I was first eligible to vote. I was a new second lieutenant with my military home of record in Laguna Hills. I cast my vote for the presidential candidate of my choice, who won a very close election. I remember he needed California to win and needed Orange County to take the state. He got my vote, and he did win. Had I and a few others not voted, things might have been very different. 

Here we are, 54 years later. Since that first vote, I finished a career as an Army intelligence officer and another as a detective with the L.A. Police Department. Those paths taught me many lessons about love of country and appreciation for law and order. I understand the value of our Constitution and know about security, for our country and our community. 

In the upcoming election for the 27th Congressional District where we live, there are two candidates to choose from. They are the incumbent Mike Garcia and the opponent Christy Smith. From my perspective, based on personal knowledge and experience, clearly the best choice is Mike Garcia. 

The economy in America is a mess. Mike Garcia has sponsored legislation to reduce inflation, while Christy Smith continues to support trillions in wasteful inflationary spending. Garcia supports cutting California’s gas tax while Smith refused to support such a suspension. Garcia supports law enforcement and Smith has indicated her support for defunding the police and even mocked (the) veteran’s service. 

You might think I am biased due to my background, and I will answer, yes I am. I favor good over evil, right over wrong and in this case Mike Garcia over Christy Smith. 

Every vote does matter. I urge you to exercise your right to have a say in the direction of America and you can do that Nov. 8. Do your duty. Do not miss this opportunity to help assure our country returns to the path where our economy is strong, borders are secure and crime is controlled. Vote as you know you should and let us be proud of our country again. I will again be voting, and my vote will be for Mike Garcia. 

Michael Woodings 


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