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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am writing in support of Rebecca Hindman, candidate for William S. Hart Union High School District governing board for Trustee Area 5. As a stakeholder in this area, I find it imperative for our children to be represented by someone who genuinely cares about ALL children’s educational growth, development, and success. As a parent of a Hart district student, I find it necessary to have a representative who is willing to prioritize safety, community and the mental well-being of our children. A representative who wishes to best support our wonderful teachers. A representative who is honest, open, and totally transparent with ALL parents. One who takes the time to listen and who takes a direct stand for inclusivity and equity within our very diverse school district. I am confident that the representative I have described above is found in candidate Rebecca Hindman. 

Rebecca is a mother who has her own children within the Hart district. She cares deeply about educational growth, development, and success. She is a parent who advocates for her own children and will equally advocate for all our children within the district. 

I have reached out to Rebecca Hindman on multiple occasions and have always been met with warmth, kindness, knowledge, a deep understanding of how our district is managed, a passion for how our district should successfully function and an eagerness to address real concerns. Having a representative in this position who cares about each one of our children, as individuals, is so important to me. 

Safety, at home and in school, should be made a priority. Rebecca’s vision is detailed, organized and something that each child within the district would greatly benefit from. Rebecca speaks in depth on the importance of implementing specific safety protocols that will aid in keeping our campuses safe and secured. She also amplifies the importance of mental health awareness as well as our great teachers being provided with a living wage. 

These are all important issues that must be addressed. The Hart district and Trustee Area 5 deserve representation that focuses directly on our children. Our children deserve a forward-thinking individual who will represent them and advocate for proper educational development while best supporting their individualized needs. 

I know that the Hart district would thrive if Rebecca Hindman were elected. Trustee Area 5 would be fortunate to have her representing ALL children and ALL parents. I will proudly vote for Rebecca Hindman, as I place my trust for my children’s educational future in her capable hands. 

Shannon Gerson 


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