Alexander Duncan | Another Blow to Democracy

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Voters in L.A. County have dealt a blow to the democratic process by voting yes and passing Measure A this past election. For those unaware, Measure A gives the county Board of Supervisors the power to remove an elected sheriff from office. 

Voters need to realize they effectively said their vote does not matter. As a result, it no longer matters whom Los Angeles County residents voted for, as the Board of Supervisors will now decide if they agree with what the voters wanted. Elected officials are supposed to be responsible to their constituents, the residents of L.A. County. However, by giving the Board of Supervisors the power to remove the elected sheriff, the sheriff becomes responsible for pleasing the board, sometimes at the cost of their voters. 

The passage of this measure is perilous and is a slippery slope for what powers the County of Los Angeles will try to grab next. There is already a process for ridding an elected official of their seat in elections, recalls and impeachment. It is not something that is left up to a board of like-minded individuals who are attempting to control an office. 

It is a shame to see Los Angeles County destroyed by radical measures like this. Please take the time to honestly read and understand the measures you vote for, as they have lasting consequences. 

Alexander Duncan


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