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Letters to the Editor
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In post-World War I Germany, inflation made citizens miserable. Hitler’s propaganda unfairly blamed the Jews, an already persecuted minority. Now that Joe Biden’s policies have made U.S. citizens miserable, Biden crosses the country blaming the already media-maligned MAGA minority for all their woes. 

Prior to World War II, German parents lost almost a generation to the Hitler Youth. Biden has conspired with the National Education Association to label concerned parents “domestic terrorists,” supported politicians like Terry McAuliffe, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” and appointed bureaucrats such as Education Secretary Miguel Cardona who, when asked if parents have the primary role in directing educational programs, insisted, “Educators have a role in determining educational programming.” It is obvious that Biden intends to increase the control of American youth through his socialist allies. 

In the 1920s Hitler’s private police demolished printing presses of journalists who reminded the Germans of the bullet hole in the ceiling of a Munich beer hall as the “first shot” of the Nazi coup and the eight months Hitler spent in jail for this attempted coup. Biden’s FBI raided apartments and homes of Project Veritas journalists or former journalists and investigated the alleged theft of Ashley Biden’s diary in an attempt to discourage the release of information known to be disparaging to President Biden. 

After the annexation of Austria, German black shirts raided an Austrian home in an unsuccessful (too late) attempt to conscript Capt. George von Trapp for political gain. Biden’s FBI was not too late to apprehend former Donald Trump advisor Peter Navarro and put him in handcuffs and “leg irons” while he was trying to board a flight at the airport in Nashville. An obvious political stunt. 

As Hitler’s power was consolidated, the Gestapo made nighttime raids at the homes of Jews and his political opponents, many of whom were never seen again. Germans lived in fear for over a decade, keeping quiet even among friends. Fortunately, Americans have not disappeared, but the FBI does make predawn raids, recently with a heavily armed force exceeding 20 on a father of seven, with children at home, to enforce a federal misdemeanor arrest warrant, which local authorities had dismissed. This followed a raid on Mar-a-Lago in a display of force to retrieve some innocuous government documents. 

The Gestapo appointed their own judges to replace the rightful judiciary team. The FBI has no judges but does its own document reviews and often omits facts or exaggerates when presenting search or arrest requests to federal judges. 

After becoming chancellor in 1929, Hitler continued his aggressive tactics and by 1932 he gathered enough votes to get authorization to abolish the German Parliament. That same year he exercised that option and became the German fuhrer. Today Biden continues his aggressive tactics and ignores the rule of law, making executive orders that supplant the laws Congress has passed. The Democratic Congress allows these Biden incursions. 

In the interwar period in Germany, propagandists repeated ad nauseum that Jews were a threat to the German way of life. It soon became apparent the German Socialist Party was the real threat to democracy. Today in America propagandists point to MAGA Republicans as a threat to democracy. Thoughtful people realize the true threat is the American socialist party (read Democrats). 

Kenneth Bloomfield


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