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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The midterm elections are over, but the counting continues. I have been thinking about my political evolution as we await the final results. In the past I would survey the L.A. Times election recommendations to see who was too liberal for me to vote for. In this election I looked up their choices to see who I should vote for. One Republican was in their list of choices; I declined to vote for that person and all other Republicans.

Now it seems that a Big Red Wave did not happen. Many MAGA Republicans and election deniers were denied a victory. A few of the anti-democracy, unpatriotic candidates, including our own Mike Garcia, may win. We were lambasted with TV ads paid for by dark-money political action committees. Some voters may even have believed these messages. Fact: Nobody ever went broke betting against the intelligence of the American public.

If the GOP were to get control of the House or Senate, or both, we could expect that revenge politics would be the norm in the next two years. Those who believed the GOP message on inflation (“Joe Biden was the cause”) will find that Republicans have no plan or workable solution. Congressional hearings will be focused on the 13 deaths in Afghanistan, Hunter Biden, Biden cabinet members, and maybe even Hillary Clinton. Don’t expect an investigation of the one million excess deaths from COVID-19, thanks to the former president. 

Clearly, the youth vote was a big factor in the midterms. Nobody thought that they would look up from their phones and video games. That changed. Women who saw old white men making laws to criminalize abortion and contraception will be a very powerful voting bloc. Watch out for a Big Blue Wave in 2024.

Thomas Oatway


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