Thomas Oatway | Another Virus Spreading?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This is getting to be a bad habit. Again I feel compelled to remind folks that their irresponsibility on vaccinations is costing lives, and filling up emergency rooms and hospitals. We are moving back to the bad old days of mandated masking, social distancing and closed businesses. 

I understand that only about 15% of Americans have received their updated boosters to protect them from serious illness due to the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Too many of us are neglecting to get our flu vaccinations. The hospitals are at 78% of capacity due to COVID-19, flu and RSV patients. What virus that causes irrational behavior is affecting the brains of Americans? We need Pfizer to be working on that one.

Now we hear that Republicans in Congress have refused to support the defense bill unless the Department of Defense removes its mandate that recruits be vaccinated for COVID. I question whether we should be accepting recruits who are afraid of a vaccine that has been proven safe by millions of us who have been vaccinated. Are they going to protect us from bad guys with guns? Not likely.

I expect that the anti-vaxxers will be up in arms about my latest plea to be responsible Americans and end this irrational behavior. Or we can plow over the cliff like lemmings and let Darwin’s theory be proven again.

Thomas Oatway


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