Vickie Pellouchoud to provide artist oil demo

"King Gillette Entryway" by Vickie Pellouchoud.

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At the Jan. 23 meeting of the Santa Clarita Artists Association, Vickie Pellouchoud will provide a free demonstration of oil painting. 

The free event is scheduled 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at The Main theater, 24266 Main St., Newhall. 

“The subject of the demo is: Adding excitement and movement in your painting; being bold and loose. I will show how I lay in a painting with a knife and brush to create a simple statement that we will then build on, focusing on value, light and color,” said Pellouchoud. “I paint in oils, watercolor and gouache and am interested in interpreting the natural world and the people in it. I am fed by being out in nature and observing and interpreting my surroundings. Color and story are prominent in my mind as I approach a piece.” 

Pellouchoud added: “I am drawn to the broken, imperfect, the unusual, but conversely also the stunning color combinations nature gives us. Whether it be a plein air or still life, I am looking for a small imperfection, or accident or symbol, that can say just a little bit more to make it my own. That may be just a spot of blue within a sea of orange, a crack in the pavement below a pot of flowers or a Band-Aid on the arm of a sitter. There is always some deeper meaning under the surface in any painting I create… this is what keeps it magical and interesting to me. And I hope the viewer can pick up on it and perhaps see a meaning of their own.” 

Pellouchoud exhibits and paints with the California Art Club Pasadena and Ventura County chapters, the Allied Artists of the Santa Monica Mountains and Seashore and the California Art League. For more information, visit The SCAA website is 

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