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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In re: Gary Morrison, “Understanding the Levels of Power,” letters, Jan. 14.

Excuse me, sir, but my article was 100% legally and constitutionally correct since any and all California ballot measures, including the most recent Proposition 1, can be altered or removed by any of the means I laid out in my article.

Mr. Arthur Saginian stated, and I quote: “The intent is simply to reaffirm (and ‘cement’) the right to abortion in California.”

Had he simply stated to reaffirm I would have had no problem… it was his inclusion of the word “cement” that I took exception to, since, as I stated, there is no provision under our form of government to “cement” anything where it cannot be modified or completely removed by the Legislature, the voters or the courts.

Rick Barker


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