Arthur Saginian | Stuck on ‘Cement’?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Well, it looks like Rick Barker is stuck on the word “cement” (letters, Jan. 8). I even put it into quotation marks to indicate I was using the word “symbolically.” I don’t think he understands Proposition 1 wasn’t just some measure or law, which could be found unconstitutional. It amended our (state) Constitution. Revising or repealing it can be done only one way, by another amendment to the Constitution, and that’s what I meant by “cement,” which, by the way, is a word I actually got from other sources analyzing the Proposition — sources like Calmatters ( and NPR ( 

I think Calmatters and NPR are pretty unbiased and reliable sources.

 Arthur Saginian 

Santa Clarita

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