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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Jonathan Kraut’s column (Democratic Voices, March 28) denouncing Fox News plainly demonstrates the leftists’ intolerance. Fox News is the only major television outlet that offers the news with a conservative perspective, while all three major TV networks and two other cable news networks are entirely to the left. Their reporting on almost every issue is so similar it appears to be coming directly from the Democrat playbook. Someone with a different opinion is smeared as a liar.

Mr. Kraut refers to Fox News viewers as “trapped in a Fox bubble.” An objective person would say the same about CNN and MSNBC viewers. Personally, I’m glad to see a disparate point of view on the news of the day. Who else provides that but Fox News? And why are the liberal media and pundits so afraid of that? 

After trashing the folks who watch Fox, Mr. Kraut then drops the bomb in his column: “Have you considered the link between the evangelical movement and Fox viewership?” 

Is that a subtle attack on Christians? The left are showing their anti-religion bias with comments like this. And that is concerning.

Jim Blumel


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