Kirk Smith | Are the Waste Haulers Kidding?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: “Trash Talk,” by Rylee Holwager, April 8. 

Rylee, good job on this article. 

I find it unbelievable that so many of the statements made in this article by the Burrtec general manager were not jokes. 

Here’s the future of how we, the California residents, must accept the responsibility of determining what is considered organic, what is trash and what is recycled. 

And if we make a mistake, the new law, California Senate Bill 1383, authorizes our new waste removal company, Burrtec, to order trucks that have cameras installed in them, and GPS to each house. In the words of Dennis Verner, general manager for Burrtec Waste Industries, the truck videotapes everything that’s being dumped into the trucks and, if necessary, “We’ll spot-check certain loads, we know where that truck came from and then individuals will go down the street either in a truck or something with some tool that they’ll flip, they call this flippers, and open the lid and cut the bags to see who’s not complying.” 

Verner also states, “We really don’t want to be giving out fines … but it is a provision of SB 1383 and it is in our contract.” 

Burrtec doesn’t actually know how much the cost for this will be to the consumer so they have picked a figure that they hope will work. 

“What we are doing behind the scenes is trying to figure out how much it’s gonna cost,” said Verner. 

Some businesses will see their costs skyrocket but, without saying how, Verner told one business owner he will help her! 

Just maybe the implementation of this law is a bit premature. 

Kirk Smith


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