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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

My son and I were walking along Del Monte Drive near Kohl’s on our glorious Easter Sunday morning. As we approached the corner of El Paseo, standing near the Valencia North Valley stone monument, was a young man from the city’s graffiti removal department. 

As we talked, he said he was awakened by an early-morning call to remove the graffiti on the monument and adjacent utility boxes. Some dumbass had printed vile words in bright red paint, just in time for families to turn their kids’ eyes away on the way to Easter activities. 

What kind of sick, perverted mind does this? 

Fortunately for us, the city’s graffiti removal team is truly a Santa Clarita Valley gem. I have called numerous times at 252-5326 to report graffiti. They get right on it and the graffiti is gone, usually the next day. 

Graffiti is a horrible stain on any community and there is a special place in hell for those who willfully want to destroy our beautiful city. 

By the way, the young man from the graffiti removal team cleaned up the vandalism so well, you can’t tell it was once there. He is a true hero and one of the reasons we have such a vibrant, safe community. 

Larry Moore


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