Larry Moore | Horton Has Outdone Himself

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Gary Horton, once again, has obliterated all my expectations with his column, “GOP Leaders: Change Course While We Can.” 

I have great respect for The Signal and its editors. Please ask him to refrain from writing another “I Hate Donald Trump” article. Talk about redundancy. After writing so many others with the same theme, his anti-Trump columns have become the written equivalent of white noise. They are a waste of his time writing them, our time reading them, and the ink The Signal uses to print them. I or any other conservative could easily refute every anti-Trump meme in his column. But that would be equally redundant and a waste of our time. If President Trump personally discovered a cure for cancer and, free of charge, delivered it to each cancer patient in the country, Horton would say, “He’s only doing it to stoke his oversized ego. He can’t be trusted.” 

Gary, I suggest you change the focus of your weekly column to topics with which we can relate. How about “Democratic Dog Training … Free Dog Food for All.” Or a travel column entitled “Visit Florida, the Gem of the South.” 

Now you’re talkin’. 

Larry Moore 


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