Larry Moore | The Border: Thinking Outside the Box

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Letters to the Editor
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Poor Joshua Heath. His article “I’m a Democrat and I Support Trump’s Wall” (May 2) is so insane that it begs a thoughtful response. Where do I start? Like so many other ultra-liberals, he equates conservatives with Hitler and Nazism. To him, anyone who advocates a secure border is a white supremacist who promotes paranoia around immigration. Republicans want to push federal policies in the direction of a bigoted world view. He praises Democrats and their dream of America as a true multiracial society. Earth to Josh: America has the most multiracial society of any large country in the world. Ever been to Japan, China, Canada, or Iran? To quote the great John McEnroe, “You cannot be serious!”  

I could go on and on, but you merely need to read any letter from Lois Eisenberg or Thomas Oatway to see how out of touch these ultra-liberals are with our community. Rather, I too want to think outside the box and offer an alternative to Josh’s solution to our very open border. Several years ago I was in Canada and spoke to a newly arrived immigrant from India. He said he could only immigrate to Canada because he was a doctor, and Canada needed doctors. America has many needs with its workforce. I think any immigrant’s golden ticket to the land of milk and honey should depend on his/her ability to fill a need in our workforce. It would be easy for our country to make a registry of jobs that need to be filled and cities/states where there is the greatest need. It would be a logical way to send the newly arrived and thoroughly vetted immigrant to a location where he/she is needed. 

He/she would have a job waiting as a nurse, electrician, veterinarian, pharmacist, plumber, etc. 

America cannot sustain unlimited, chaotic immigration in perpetuity. That would indeed be the ruin of our nation. 

Larry Moore 


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