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Letters to the Editor
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Try and find a printed U.S. bill that is dated after 2017. I can’t find one in any denomination. 

If you find one, good for you. No further action needed by you. Except, you may want to write a rebuttal to this letter.

Anyhow, to see how many bills of each denomination were printed in each year after 2017, take the following steps. 

Go to website, federalreserve.gov/monetary policy.

From HOME page , in order, click on: Payment Systems; Currency and Coin Services; Currency Print Order; Currency Print Order Archive. 

Enter the year you are interested in. 

I went in to each year 2017 through 2023. 

See if you are as bewildered as I, and many of my friends are. We looked through what we had on hand. A couple of them own businesses and checked for several days. Many of us are checking with others, etc. So far no one has been able to find a single bill of any denomination dated after 2017. 

Hmmm? Maybe your local bank could provide some insight? 

P.S. I am SURE (tongue in cheek) there is a good explanation. 

Diane Zimmerman

Santa Clarita

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