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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I just read an article on my computer today that solidifies my thoughts of trans men competing in women’s sports.

I have been surprised that more women have not taken this step to justify their efforts in all categories of sports.

The article stated, “Women refuse to stand at winners podium after transgender cyclist won the female category at a 100-mile bicycle gravel race.” 

That type of race is very difficult and takes hours and hours of training. The second- and third-place — actually first- and second-place finishers — along with much of the attending crowed just walked away from the podium event. The really sad fact is the event had a trans category and this person decided to cheat rather than run in the proper category. If they had a correct category for this individual, why cheat?

Suggestion to all those wonderful female athletes: This is one of the only actions you can take to stop this madness.

Do not participate in the Podium Circus when these actions take place. No madder the level of play, fight back! Leave the podium/celebrations and let them stand there alone. Then maybe event coordinators will start to take note. I have trained for many exhausting sporting events in my life and I would have been devastated to have this injustice happen at my events.

Keep in mind ladies you are RIGHT to be upset. Regardless if it is a high school event, college event, professional event or just a neighborhood event, take a stand. Maybe then event coordinators will start taking note to this misjustice.

You want results and think this issue is unfair? Take your trophies and walk away. It may be painful for a while but those efforts may change these events for ALL of you in the future. Please stand up and fight back!

Ron Leibsker 

Canyon Country

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