Larry Bustetter | Enough! Impeach Biden Now!

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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“We the People,” a vast majority of Americans, have witnessed President Joe Biden’s terrible “leadership” for the past two-plus years. Clearly, he is guilty of treason, an impeachable offense. Three major horrific examples of his aiding the enemy include: 

1. Afghanistan Exit: The horrible and embarrassing “leadership” by Biden in his withdrawal from Afghanistan (e.g., leaving countless Americans and allies stranded, the murder of 13 U.S. military service members and the abandonment of billions of dollars in U.S. military equipment and one of our largest military bases, which “We the People” own). 

2. Border Security: The ongoing invasion of America by countless millions of illegal aliens and enemies at our nation’s borders — a disrespect of America’s sovereignty and her laws designed to protect us, a violation of Biden’s oath of office. 

3. Airspace Security: The flyover of an enemy spy balloon without any intention to stop it initially by Biden — a clear disrespect of air space which “We the People” see as a sovereign possession and strong evidence of Biden’s corrupt compliance with China. 

“We the People” see Biden’s corrupt and inept decisions to aid the enemy. That’s enough overwhelming evidence, including alleged millions of dollars paid to the Biden family by our enemy, China, and other suspect criminal activities being discovered in ongoing U.S House of Representatives investigations. 

“We the People” expect a prompt launch now of articles of impeachment against Biden and, frankly, subsequent impeachment of Vice President Kamala Harris, an ineffectual “Border Czar” whose treasonous behavior is identical with example 2 above. Following impeachment in the House, a U.S. Senate trial with now-available incriminating evidence presented to good and honest hearts among the required two-thirds majority of U.S. senators wil convict Mr. Biden and require his removal from office. 

Enough said. Let the world know “We the People” are done with Biden as our president — a role that has been severely abused and dangerous on the world stage. Recent polls show a significant lack of confidence in his performance. “We the People” expect his resignation now (as President Richard Nixon did during his impeachment) or impeach him now! 

Larry Bustetter 


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