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Letters to the Editor
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In my ongoing effort to debunk the nonsense peddled by climate zealots, I thought I would share some facts and context about CO2 production and absorption. Hostile readers to my thoughts will once again note that I provided proof of my claims. Should you feel so inclined to contest my conclusions, I would only ask you to stick to the points raised instead of challenging my credentials.

The United States produces approximately 5,900 million metric tons of CO2, or 13.2 trillion pounds. My source is the United States Environmental Protection Agency:

A typical mature tree absorbs 48 pounds of CO2 in a given year. My source is the United States Forest Service:

The United States has approximately 300 billion trees. My source is the United States Department of Agriculture:

From these facts we can deduce that the trees in this country absorb more CO2 than we produce, around 14.4 trillion pounds to be exact. Furthermore, this number does not account for other plants or swamps.

Perhaps there is something more to the heated planet than CO2? Yes, the planet is warming slightly. Despite being called a climate denier, whatever that means, nobody I know doesn’t think the climate isn’t changing as it has always done. Perhaps it is CO2 to some small degree AND the natural rhythm of the planet as it warms and cools throughout a thousand millennia? There have been many times where the Earth has been hotter in our history where mankind (is that word still OK to use?) has had zero influence on CO2 production. 

I’m not saying we shouldn’t try to reduce CO2 emissions, but we are talking about only 0.04% of our atmosphere, up from 0.03%. The reductions the United States has made are impressive, although at a cost of other environmental destruction. But that’s another topic. What the climate zealots never admit is that there could be other causes for our recent monthlong heat wave. They never admit that the Earth’s temperature has fluctuated tremendously throughout time with no help from humans. What they also will never admit is that many of us can remember a time during this debate when they claimed weather wasn’t climate. It’s ludicrous that they blame every event, good or bad, on humans and CO2 production. Forest fires? Climate change! Hurricanes? Climate change! No hurricanes? Climate change! It’s also preposterous to think that China, India and the rest of the developing world give a damn about CO2 production. Who would have thought they would want air conditioning, too? 

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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