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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

There are three indictments against Donald Trump awaiting trials (as of this letter’s writing) and two more indictments pending and 78 felony charges in the first three indictments alone.

This letter to the editor is directed to all the “Big Lie” believers and MAGA cult who said that we the non-believers of the “Big Lie” were not telling the truth about Trump and his flawed character and all his wrongdoings.

We were accused of having a hate fetish toward Trump. I for one had contempt toward him, and every negative thing that was said about him was valid and warranted. This letter to the editor vindicates my frustration in what I have said all along, that Trump is not a nice person, he is dangerous to our society and he is acting like a “serial criminal.”

Knowing that The Signal does not take kindly to one’s negative description of one’s character, I will refrain from posting my negative comments about Trump’s character with great restraint.

Lest we forget when Hillary Clinton said Trump was not “fit to be president,” and that the MAGA cult were “deplorable,” lo and behold the lady was right.

Trump has put himself first and not his country.

The biggest mistake that was made was when his preordained impeachment trial was voted down by his MAGA cult senators, and it was said by the experts that not impeaching him would lead to more disastrous wrongdoings, and again lo and behold, look where we are at now.

Trump’s indictments are not about free speech, but about “crimalized conduct.”

The criminal charges (related to) the 2020 presidential election are conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding. He sought to “overturn the will of the American voter and remain in office even after the courts had rejected his claims of electoral fraud,” and his “attack on the bedrock function of United States government.”  

When a judge tells you at your indictment to literally keep your mouth shut, not to intimidate or demean the people trying you for your crimes, don’t come up with, “If you come after me, I’m coming after you!” In Hillary’s words, “deplorable.”

The American people should be appalled at Trump’s behavior and how he has and is trying to destroy our democracy. 

Lois Eisenberg 

Santa Clarita

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