Thomas Oatway | Trump’s Fate Obvious

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I have consistently stated that Donald Trump is a corrupt, immoral, and incompetent individual. 

It has been obvious since Jan. 6, 2021, that he is likely to be indicted and prosecuted for criminal acts associated with (the riot at the Capitol). 

Then we learned of the Mar-a-Lago documents fiasco. That resulted in a Department of Justice indictment unsealed on June 7. I read the indictment. It is clearly damaging to Trump. 

Trump’s behavior will surely result in a felony conviction.

Clearly, Donald Trump has no idea how important it is to protect our nation’s secrets. 

He has compromised intelligence information from our allies and about our enemies. Contrast that with his 2016 campaign speeches that accused Hillary Clinton of mishandling classified information on her home computer. 

He promised that if elected he would protect our secrets. He lied. He always lies.

Now there are Republican politicians who are circling the wagons and accusing the DOJ of weaponizing federal law enforcement. They are pandering to the segment of the Trump Cult, which still controls the Republican Party. They should read the indictment. As should all Americans. 

Republicans need to find a new candidate to run for president in 2024. 

If not, the GOP will be fortunate to survive this mess.

Thomas Oatway


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