Brian Richards | Diversity Under Attack?

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Letters to the Editor
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According to, President Joe Biden stated recently that “Americans need to speak up” because “diversity is under attack.” 

This is another example of our leaders trying to divide us. Someone who may not be that well-read may cringe at the thought of diversity being under attack. Not being well-read means there is almost no chance of them having the intellectual curiosity to find out for themselves if the statement is true. Conversely, many on the left who ARE well-read know this to be nothing but a farcical statement meant to inflame the passion of the masses. 

They know it’s nonsense, but it doesn’t matter to them. It serves a purpose.

I challenge anyone to show me proof of rampant attacks on diversity. In our government, in our corporations, in our military, and especially in our learning institutions, diversity is not only not under attack, but it is thriving. 

Far from feeling the need of Americans to speak up about diversity being under attack, many of us feel that’s all we do speak about these days. Even in women’s sports we are gaining diversity. To the detriment of girls and women, but that’s not the point for those who seek to divide us. When we as a society allow boys/men to compete athletically against girls/women, what higher example of diversity can be possibly achieved?

E pluribus Unum is our national motto. It means: Out of many, one. This used to be a source of pride in our country. That people could come from anywhere and participate in the American experiment and possibly even attain your dreams. Sadly, it appears our new national motto is the opposite, that instead of “out of many, one,” it’s now “out of one, many.” 

We are a deeply divided nation fed a steady diet of preposterous notions. Hate is an epidemic. Race relations are worse than ever. Ethnic or sexual minorities are subjected to violence and even murder like never before. Because of these lies and many more, America is suffering from a sickness. A sickness of division and lies. 

Disagreement in politics and social policy are thousands of years old. Despite these disagreements, it was generally agreed that the country we live in is special. Not any longer, though. The institutions and norms that made us a great country are being torn down, bit by bit. 

The nuclear family has been decimated. Our education institutions have become a breeding ground of contempt for this country and indoctrination to ideas that have no place in education, especially K-12. When these students get to college the indoctrination accelerates. Only 22% of people 18-22 are proud of this country:

There are entire industries that survive by dumping on this country and anything we’ve accomplished. That is pitiful and an embarrassment given the riches we enjoy, especially young people. It is doubly lamentable when the sacrifices of prior generations are ignored. 

But who can blame them when we have a president who says diversity is under attack, contrary to any evidence otherwise?

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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