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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Thank you Larry Moore for giving me the opportunity to write a rebuttal to your MAGA letter to the editor dated Sept. 9, “Lois and Oatway, 2 procedures, 1 day.” 

First rebuttal: My letters to the editor are not always the same, as yours are. Take the time to see what my letters to the editor contain and you will see that they are current events and happenings.                  

Second rebuttal: I don’t think that it would be so bad for a dentist to perform a colonoscopy and to do so one end — pun intended — to another would be covered. “Gee, thanks, Doc.”

Third rebuttal: Saying that I hate Donald Trump is untrue. I never wrote that, but I do have contempt for Trump, and Larry it would behoove you to comprehend what one writes and consider your own misconceptions.

Fourth rebuttal: Hillary Clinton was unequivocally correct in saying that Trump wasn’t fit to be president, as attested to by his lawlessness.

Fifth rebuttal: Talking about minions let’s (not forget) Trump’s indicted minions. Hillary has no                      subordinates, and her people are not indicted. 

Sixth rebuttal: Larry, you do have a basketful of deplorables in your MAGA group basket.

Seventh rebuttal: Kim Jong Un conned Trump, and as for eating out of Trump’s hand, Kim                   didn’t like what Trump was serving.

Eighth rebuttal: As for the “nowhere wall,” which has gone nowhere, lest we forget that Mexico was going to pay for that wall. Joke, joke, joke.

Ninth rebuttal: Our country was not much better off under Trump. He is the second worst               president in America’s history.  

And talking about Kim Jong Un who is on his way to visit Vladimir Putin, who holds the strings on Trump, the two are going to negotiate buying ammunition to help Putin fight Ukraine.

What is wrong with that picture ?

My contempt for Trump is valid and warranted, and as I said before I will not give up my fight to prove that Trump is an anti-democratic demagogue — not to the liking of the MAGA cult whose political funny bone I so successfully pull. 

 I would also like to refer to Michael Sandeen’s letter, “That Tribalism Is Off-Putting,” Sept. 10.

 I would like to rebut that letter: First, I do write letters to the editor on other subjects and happenings. Second, I write about Trump and the MAGA cult because they are in the news so much making fools of themselves. It is hard to resist writing about them.

Third, I’m not trying to change anybody’s mind, especially the MAGA cult , which are so ingrained in the “Big Lie.”  

In closing I would like to thank Lynn Wright, and I quote: “As a daily reader of The Signal I am subjected to a steady diet of the same old tired rhetoric from the likes of Rick Barker, Ron Perry, Rob Kerchner, Brian Richards and Diane Zimmerman, as well as a constant stream of the same drivel from guest columnists like Byron York, Denise Lite and that nepo-baby Michael Reagan. So, all things considered, your three left-wing amigos are a blessing.”

Lois Eisenberg

Santa Clarita 

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