Lois Eisenberg | Saluting the American Worker

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Letters to the Editor
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Editor’s note: The following letter was received on Labor Day.

Today is Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 4, which was created to give the American people a holiday.

Labor Day was created in the late 1800s to celebrate the American workers’ contribution of their labors. This Labor Day is going to be hard to celebrate for the American worker who hasn’t received a raise in three years.

A OnePoll survey has shown that the American worker is dissatisfied in the workplace. The survey also shows that a large percentage of American workers don’t feel recognized at work and their biggest fear is salary cuts and no raises, and to strike is the way to go to pressure the bosses for a raise and for better working conditions. A low percentage of workers said they feel they won’t be in their job next year.

I salute the American worker, as we all should, for their efforts and fortitude in the workplace, and they do deserve a raise and recognition for their labors.

Happy Labor Day to one and all, and let’s hope that raises and recognition are forthcoming to all of the American workers.

Lois Eisenberg 

Santa Clarita

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