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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This is a copy of a letter sent to Cal Recycle Complaints. 

I live in Castaic and have as my trash (hauler), Burrtec. Recently Burrtec was given the nearby city of Santa Clarita to service. The residents were issued new barrels with labels on the top that show proper recycling and disposal. 

Since Castaic is in (unincorporated) Los Angeles County, we were not given new barrels. I sent Burrtec an email requesting a timeline for all of their customers to receive these labels. Their response was that it would not be happening soon, as they have a lot of barrels that do not have the labels on them and those would replace the trash barrels first.

I responded by asking how well are residents following proper recycling practices. I would think Burrtec would want eveyone to follow best recycling practices. Why can’t Burrtec put labels on the existing barrels they have? Or provide the labels for customers to affix to their trash barrels?

Can you help move this issue forward? Proper recycling is the first step in providing material recovery facilities with quality materials to process.

Lynne Winner


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