Rob Kerchner | A Rather Unusual ‘Insurrection’

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Jan. 6 — the first insurrection ever: 

A) Without firearms among its “perps.” 

B) Invited on camera by its “victim” (Nancy Pelosi) and discouraged on camera (and Twitter) by its “leader” (Donald Trump). 

C) Without killing (deadly rogue cops excepted). 

D) Escorted by cops. 

E) Featuring prayers and a Viking hat. 

F) Selfie-sticked by senior citizens. 

G) Seeking to affirm traditional norms. 

H) Unpunished as an insurrection, but rather for parading/trespass/disrupting a proceeding. 

I) Abetted by Democrats, filmed by Democrats, and then compared by Democrats to 9-11, World War II and the Civil War.

Rob Kerchner 


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