Thomas Oatway | The Trouble with (Un)Truthfulness

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I read Pastor David Hegg’s Sept. 3 piece on truthfulness … twice! It is a subject that was troubling to him. It is to me also.

Pastor Hegg asked whether it is more upsetting to be lied to, or telling a lie. Good question. The answer is not obvious. About 75 million people forgave Donald Trump for telling over 30,000 lies in his term in office, and yet voted for him. By contrast, some of them are really bothered when they think the current president is untruthful, even when his lies are pretty inconsequential by comparison. He is a doddering old fool, isn’t he?

Yes, lying has become more acceptable, if done in the interest of winning at all costs.  We are immune to the lies told us by our political figures. That is what they do to win. Everyone likes to win.

I would not agree with Pasor Hegg that society is rotting at the core. But it surely can seem that way. Unfortunately, some think the truth is whatever their cult leaders have passed on to them. There is no ability for them to distinguish between truth and untruth. Is it a lie if you believe a falsehood?

This week I changed my party affiliation to Democrat because I can never again vote for a Republican. About 70% of Republicans are wholly supportive of a presidential candidate who has been indicted four times, and may soon be getting his meals for free thanks to the D.C. jail system.

Thomas Oatway


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