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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Where have you been in the last two decades when the Palestinians needed you?  

Where were you in 2005 when Hamas abducted, tortured and murdered Palestinians who were — often falsely — accused of “collaborating” with Israel and others? 

Where was the outcry when Hamas seized power in 2007, ending the fledgling democracy in Gaza? Once in power, Hamas taught their Palestinian subjects to hate their neighbors. When did you call out Hamas for recruiting civilians and equipping them with suicide bombs? What is your response to the 450 known misfired rockets falling within Gaza, endangering Palestinian lives? 

Despite billions in international aid, most Palestinians live in squalor because Hamas redirected large portions of the spent funds to buy munitions and build fortifications – often under hospitals. Furthermore, huge amounts that were never spent on education or infrastructure ended up in the accounts of Hamas leaders. (The top three Hamas leaders — Ismail Haniyeh, Moussa Abu Marzuk and Khaled Mashal — are worth more than $11 billion combined and live a lavish lifestyle in the “sanctuary” of Qatar, according to the New York Post.) Why didn’t I read any editorials outraged by this corruption? 

Why have no interviewed pro-Palestinian protestors decried the proximity of the rocket site to the Gaza hospital that was damaged by an errant Islamic Jihad rocket? Why does Hamas store weapons in hospitals?  

Where was the demand for Hamas to open the southern border so Palestinian civilians could exit Gaza? Who do you think bombed the evacuation route during the Israeli humanitarian pause? U.S. intelligence confirms it was not the Israelis.  

By extending their murderous acts beyond Gaza, Hamas confirmed their designation as a terrorist group and assured their demise. Protesters, go home now and watch as foreign aid pours into Gaza to rebuild. Return to the streets if Palestinians are subjugated by the Israelis or another corrupt or hateful government. 

Kenneth Bloomfield 


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