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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Recently the presidents of Harvard, MIT and Penn went before Congress to give testimony. They were repeatedly asked about demonstrations by students and administrators on their campuses calling for genocide of Jews. Demonstrations are happening because Israel decided to wisely respond with aggression and brute force in response to the barbaric act perpetuated against them on Oct. 7 by Palestinians — yes it was Hamas, but they’re all Palestinian and Palestinians overwhelmingly support Hamas so I make no distinction.

The responses of these university “leaders” about demonstrations calling for genocide of Jews can be summed up by what the president of Harvard had to say. 

Claudine Gay, president of Harvard, responded as follows: “The rules around bullying and harassment are quite specific and if the context in which that language is used amounts to bullying and harassment, then we take, we take action against it.”

Now imagine if there were widespread demonstrations calling for the genocide of Black people? Gays? Disabled people? Muslims? Would the context of the language being used be considered? What context are these sick and twisted leaders talking about when so many on their campuses are calling for the extermination of an entire religion? The answer of course is that there is no context when it comes to supporting genocide, for anyone! 

Were these demonstrations targeting anyone other than Jews, there would be swift and severe consequences. 

For those who claim they have a First Amendment right to call for the next holocaust of the Jewish race, you are correct. But that only applies to government preventing such disgusting words and deeds. I remember when the ACLU went to court and won a case that allowed Nazis, real Nazis, not the 74 million people that voted for Donald Trump kind of Nazis, to march in a Jewish neighborhood in Illinois. 

The government cannot restrict free speech except under very limited circumstances. However, that doesn’t prevent these degenerates from being removed from the campuses. You don’t have the right to go to Harvard and this trash must be excised from any polite and wise society, and it starts at the top with President Gay. Most colleges have become places of leftist indoctrination where no contrary thoughts can be allowed as evidenced by the words and deeds of so many administrators and students when it comes to the Oct. 7 slaughter. Parents should be very careful about where they send their children lest they come home being one of the many evil and hateful creatures we’re seeing today on so many campuses.

The real irony is that Trump supporters are called Nazis and yet people exist in great numbers in our society today who share the exact same philosophy as Hitler when it comes to Jews. Those people are NOT Republicans! They’re the leftist spawn of Ivy League schools.

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch 

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