David Godfrey | Bidenomics Is NOT Working

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In response to a recent letter (Dec. 22) by Lois Eisenberg praising Bidenomics: You quoted a bunch of statistics by government agencies claiming the American economy is flourishing! What planet are you on? 

Most Americans don’t care about questionable government figures on the gross domestic product or inflation numbers. You praise Joe Biden for a big reduction in inflation this year? Inflation had nowhere to go but down after the previous huge increase due to two years of Biden’s failed policies. I’m not feeling the positivity of your 60% reduction.

What Americans care about is what they can afford. Let’s look at what Bidenomics has brought the average American. 

Maybe you haven’t been to the food market lately where the majority of food staples have doubled in price. Or the gas station where gas is 50% higher under this administration. Biden cancels American production of fuels and pipelines and chooses to buy oil from questionable Middle East and Venezuelan sources? Lost jobs and higher prices for Americans.

Checked any of your bills lately, Lois? Mine have all significantly increased lately. That’s OK because according to you we are all “empowered workers with buying power” now!

In the past two years, interest payments for mortgages have risen a staggering 285%. More good news for your Bidenomics-empowered workers looking to buy a house! The only thing you were right about is the current high stock market. Too bad most of the Americans living paycheck to paycheck can’t afford to invest there!

I could go on and on about Bidenomics’ failures. But you would never get it. Just like your hero Biden, you are always on the wrong side of the important issues.

Americans don’t care about numbers. They care about surviving the rise in prices of everything around them! Don’t know anyone, friend or neighbor, who thinks they are better off now than they were a few years back.

Remember a few years back, Lois, when you pleaded with us to raise county sales tax to aid the homeless? How is that working out for you? Where did all those millions go? Seen any homeless lately?

David Godfrey

Santa Clarita

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