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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A few months ago, a group of concerned parents met to talk over a proposal from the national chapter of Moms for Liberty to start a chapter for Los Angeles County. Four moms and a father decided to take the plunge and start what would be known as the Moms for Liberty L.A. County Chapter. 

In November, we officially launched our chapter in a small gathering of moms and dads at a venue here in Santa Clarita. We knew that we would be attacked by the forces of the left. In fact those attacks had already begun, shortly after news broke that we were in the process of forming. 

Personal attacks on our board members, doxing of some, slanderous comments about individuals and the organization. In the past we addressed the most commonly and frequently used attack, which was that we’re a Nazi-supporting organization that praises Hitler and that we hate the LQBT community. Both couldn’t be further from the truth. 

We issued a press release to address these claims, but the left did what they always do, ignore the facts and keep up the slander. We stated that not only we as a county chapter denounced the chapter from Indianapolis that quoted Adolf Hitler, but the national organization and the chapter that was responsible further denounced it and said it will never happen again. A statement from the national co-founders Tina Descovich and Tiffany Justice read, “They should not have quoted Hitler. Period. Parents are passionate about protecting future generations from tyranny, but Hitler did not need to be quoted to make that point.” 

Problem solved, right? Wrong. According to the leftist groups in Santa Clarita, we were culpable and responsible for the actions of another person across the country. Because they said it once, it never goes away. But why is it that when leftist organizations say or do appalling things, nobody gets held to account? For example, after the terrorist attacks in Israel on Oct. 7, the Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter posted a graphic on their X account that pictured a silhouette of a Hamas terrorist in a parachute and had the quote: “That is all that is it!” 

Using their logic, the BLM organization are terrorist sympathizers, should be called out for it and labeled a hate group. In fact, local supporters of BLM should also be labeled as hate groups due to their support of the national chapter of BLM. Furthermore, the fact that local supporters of BLM have not denounced the actions and words of BLM Chicago makes them culpable as well. 

Why is it that the left is not held to the same standard they put on the right? The left can say extremely hateful, vile and untruthful things and are never held to account by the left. It’s simply ignored or disregarded as an accident at best. They tout themselves as the ideological party of love and acceptance. We look no further to the criminal justice system where they advocate and champion the movement of acceptance for those who have served their time and want to move on and all those who have said or done dumb things in the past, yet that same logic doesn’t get shown to us or anyone who does not align with their ideological viewpoints. 

As an organization, our leadership has always extended the hand of friendship and willingness to listen and understand anyone who wants to discuss the issues with us, especially from those who oppose our mission or viewpoints. We don’t want, nor do we advocate, hostility and/or violence, in any way, shape or form. Any accusation to the contrary is baseless and without merit. No such group or individual who is a leader in the community from the left has made any attempt to reach out to us for any explanation or attempt at reaching common ground or understanding. 

Moms for Liberty, LA County will say it: Hamas are terrorists, they are not freedom fighters, we oppose and denounce any group that supports or infers support in any way. And again, for those in the back, we do not support Hitler and never will. We denounce in the strongest possible terms: racism, bigotry, antisemitism, and all forms of hate known to man. We await local supporters of BLM to do the same.

Until that happens, the left carries no credibility or moral high ground. 

Karen Frost


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