Rob Kerchner | Danger with a Capital D

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Remember when we were told that the election of Joe Biden would make Americans safer? Then “the adults” would be back in charge of U.S. foreign policy?

Yeah, well. Not so much. The State Department recently warned that all Americans overseas are at risk of being targeted in terror attacks and protests.

Meanwhile I’m old enough to remember folks voting for Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump would start World War III. Instead, his term was marked by peace and safety. In fact, he brought more peace to the Middle East than anyone in our lifetimes. 

And in case it wasn’t clear enough, his weak and feckless successor has invited two wars … including one in the Middle East. 

Quite a contrast, in record time. 

And you can see the same thing with energy, inflation, the economy, the border crisis, crime, murder, homelessness, drugs, corruption, censorship, spending, debt, etc. Even the “muh democracy!” canard has shown that the danger to fair elections — like the danger to evenhanded application of justice — starts with a big “D.”

Rob Kerchner


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