Trendy Takes on Kitchen and Bath Design


Designing a new home, remodeling your own or simply rethinking aesthetics and decor all require a little imagination and a lot of inspiration. A quick online search brings up hundreds if not thousands of thoughtful ways to make your kitchen or bathroom match your desired style from modern to traditional or anything in between.

All those results can be slightly overwhelming, however. Rather than having a go at it alone, rely on the professionals to guide you toward looks that are all the rage and fit a variety of budgets. Consider these on-trend design ideas from the kitchen and bathroom experts at Wellborn Cabinet, whose whole-home solutions double as functional and beautiful.

Kitchen Trends

Let it Flow: Open concepts have become quite common as it allows the kitchen to feel like one large room where loved ones and guests can intermingle as opposed to an enclosed space. This flowing openness lends continuous visibility to the area ranging from the (seemingly) always active kitchen to gathering spaces in the dining and living rooms. An open floor plan also helps connect design aesthetics from each room to the next.

Opt for Concealed Storage: Pots, pans, knives and all your favorite kitchen gadgets need hidden somewhere. Rather than taking up valuable pantry space, turn to a stylish storage solution from Wellborn Cabinet’s line of pullout cabinets that give you the room you need. With options ranging from pullout peg boards to sleek tray dividers, these clever contraptions can help you stay organized while making functionality beautiful.

Incorporate Smart Tech: Trends aren’t exclusively about aesthetics – practicality via technology is equally important for those looking to update their kitchens to the 21st century. Devices like smart refrigerators that allow you to take inventory from an app, smart lighting that brightens and dims to save on electricity and voice assistants that help you keep track of recipes are all trendy paths toward a top-of-the-line kitchen.

Bring in Organic Touches: Organic modern is in, which means adding organic touches using natural materials like stone and wood in your cabinets, countertops, flooring and more. Achieve a warm vibe with these organic elements paired with a neutral color palette (soft whites and earthy tones) and natural light.

Bathroom Trends

Add Accents that Pop: Obvious accents like bold pops of color and unique patterns come to mind, but you can also make your bathroom stand out by experimenting with materials, accessories and shapes. Think eye-catching cabinet hardware, fun mirror shapes and open-shelf decor that grabs attention without overdoing it.

Show Off Wood Vanities:As an important area you’ll use to get ready for each day, vanities should be purposeful and practical but can also brandish your personal style. Types and sizes may vary but one look seeing an upward trend, according to Wellborn Cabinet’s design experts, is the use of natural tones and textures like woodgrain to complement the rise in popularity of warm colors in recent years.

Go for Decorative Lighting: The same tired light fixtures in bathrooms can feel drab and dreary. Evaluate the amount of natural light available (often at a premium in bathrooms) and decide if you can go more subdued or need to effectively and efficiently illuminate the area. Bell-shaped, wall-mounted sconces next to mirrors are in vogue, as are glass globes to complement ample natural light. For a true touch of modern flair, consider dramatic accent lighting like underlights on a floating vanity that do double duty as a convenient nightlight.

Make it Spa-Like: Lavish luxury is the goal with a spa-like bathroom in the comfort of home. Organic materials, natural light, traditional decor and, maybe most importantly, an oversized soaking tub are at the core of this look. While it may sound counterintuitive, you can actually create your own oasis with some simple, budget-friendly aesthetics. The first step for many is to incorporate more storage using sleek cabinets, shelves and wall-mounted hooks to achieve a decluttered look. Next, simply replace your old showerhead and faucet with spa lookalikes and stock up on plush, fluffy towels for that luxurious appearance without a complete remodel.

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4 Alternative Uses for Kitchen Cabinets

If you love the look of beautiful kitchen cabinets and appreciate their functionality, try incorporating them throughout the house with these ideas.

  • Home Office – As working from home continues to rise in popularity, you might need that extra storage space around or above your desk whether it’s in a full-blown office or a nook in the den.
  • Laundry Room – Uppers and lowers alike can help you stow away detergents, cleaning products, laundry baskets and even last season’s wardrobe.
  • Mud Room – All those shoes and jackets need space somewhere, and kitchen cabinets in the mudroom can help you contain the mess.
  • Garage – Whether your garage serves as a secondary entertainment area, home gym or simply storage for outdoor tools and toys, cabinets allow you to organize (and hide) that equipment.

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