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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In addition to inflation, the border, and wars and turmoil throughout the world, the United States is dealing with a crisis of despair. The most recent data show we have a record amount of homeless:

The most recent data show we have a record amount of suicides:

The most recent data show we have a record amount of drug overdose deaths, OVER 96,000 people:

Many, if not all, on the left will blame anyone other than their own dopey and destructive policies. What the left does really well is never take responsibility for anything. See George Santos and Robert Menendez as a nice comparison. Half this country spent four years blaming Donald Trump for every problem that has ever existed. But Trump is not the president and he’s not in charge of policy decisions that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans. President Joe Biden owns the border. Leftist governors own the school lockdowns and the isolation of our kids that it caused. And while homelessness happens in every state, it sure seems to be spreading and getting much worse in the blue ones who continue to throw money at the problem while coddling the homeless by allowing them to camp anywhere. 

The left will point to the stock market and unemployment as things we should be happy about. Fine, but if that’s the case, why does the president “enjoy” a 36% job approval rate? Why do 54% of Democrats want someone else to run? Why is President Trump looking better and better to more people despite the political persecution that would make Vladimir Putin blush with envy? 

Be careful what you wish for, Democrats. History is full of political martyrs who made a comeback and when they do come back, they’re wanting, rightfully, revenge against those who wronged them. Biden is the president and he owns all the above problems and more. Hopefully we’ll get a man who can fix many of them a year from now.

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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