The most popular exercise classes in the US

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By Gilbert March 

  • Dance is revealed to be the most popular exercise class in the US, with a total monthly search volume of 668,389 
  • Yoga and boxing take second and third place, respectively 
  • The least popular exercise is cross-training, with just 199 average searches each month 

New research has discovered the top 10 most popular exercise classes in the US, with dance taking the top spot. 

The research, pulled together by fitness experts SET FOR SET, gathered Google search volume for keywords such as ‘classes near me’ and ‘class near me’ combined with the name of each exercise. 

Rank Exercise Class Average Monthly Search Volume 
1 Dance 668,389 
2 Yoga 454,664 
3 Boxing 263,754 
4 Spin 202,018 
5 Zumba 143,484 
6 Pilates 137,211 
7 Barre 61,128 
8 Kickboxing 57,615 
9 Gymnastics 48,984 
10 Tai Chi 27,959 

The most popular exercise class in the US is dance, with an average monthly search volume of 668,389. Dance classes can be beneficial in more ways than one; they have health benefits like improved flexibility, balance, and coordination, but they also can improve mental health through the social and interactive aspect. 

Yoga is the second most popular exercise class in the US, with an average monthly search volume of 454,664. Hatha, vinyasa, hot, and puppy yoga are just a few of the many different classes available in the US. Yoga is excellent for improving flexibility and weight loss, as well as mental benefits like stress relief and inner peace. 

In third place is boxing, raking in 263,754 monthly searches across the US. Boxing classes are great for cardiovascular fitness with the combination of footwork, punches, and bag work to get your heart rate going and improve endurance. 

With an overall search volume of 202,018, spin classes are the fourth most popular exercise class in the US. it has been shown that regular bike-related exercises can lead to improved lower body strength and core engagement from the maintained posture required during a spin or cycling class. 

The fifth most popular exercise in the US is Zumba, with an average monthly search volume of 143,484. Zumba is inspired by Latin American dancing, which requires great stamina and a passion for dance. A form of aerobic exercise, zumba is beneficial for stress relief and mood enhancement. 

In sixth place is Pilates, with an average monthly search volume of 137,211. This exercise class helps improve muscle strength and tone, particularly in the abdominals. As well as this, it has been used as a form of physical therapy to help assist muscle injuries during the healing process. 

Barre classes are the seventh most popular in the US, with an average monthly search volume of 61,128. This low-impact, high-intensity workout combines strength and cardio to help increase body tone and burn fat. Barre classes isolate small body parts by holding positions for a long time and exhausting the reps in a repetitive motion. Withholding positions for a good amount of time will help wear out the muscles and begin to strengthen them. 

The eighth most popular exercise class is kickboxing, with an average monthly search volume of 57,615. Kickboxing has evolved over the years, giving rise to different styles such as American kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Japanese kickboxing. 

Coming in as the ninth most popular exercise is gymnastics, with an overall monthly search volume of 48,984. Gymnastics helps improve flexibility, balance, and coordination. This exercise class has been found to also prevent heart disease, obesity, and type-2 diabetes. 

In tenth place is tai chi, with an average monthly search score of 27,959. Tai chi uses meditation and deep breathing techniques aimed to control the mind and body. Developed in 12th century China, Tai Chi improves sleep quality and brain function as well as stress relief. 

The least popular exercise class in the US is cross-training with an overall average monthly search volume of just 199. 

Kiel DiGiovanni, Co-Founder of SET FOR SET commented: “Exercising is beneficial for so many different reasons. Whether you participate in classes to improve muscle tone, flexibility, strength, or to be more active, they are the perfect way to stay motivated. 

“The key to great physical health is a positive mindset. Group exercise triggers the release of endorphins and can lead to stress relief and mood enhancement; they are a great place to make new friends with similar interests and are likely to lead to further attendance”. 

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