Neil Davis | An Anti-Senior Pricing Strategy

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Senior citizens pay more at some grocery stores to buy what they need. Our local market has a great staff. They are always friendly and helpful. They have an outstanding pharmacy. However, some items have up to four prices. They have a regular price; a sale price; coupon price; a buy five price and a digital price. If a person living alone wants a loaf of bread, the price is buy one, get one free or at half price! Sorry, cannot use two in 10 days. 

These marketing geniuses now want to cheat their senior citizen customers by charging them more than they do families with larger refrigerators, shelf space and freezers. Senior citizens may not have the cell phones with apps and have no way of using buy five, buy one get one 50% off, or even free. Seniors only may want one because that is all they need. Now why would they pay more? Most people may actually want to shop at a store where everything is sold to everyone at the same price. That sounds fair to everyone. 

My market is within eyesight (seven- to eight-minute walk) of a 226-senior apartment complex, and a 20-minute walk or three- to four-minute drive from a 275-home senior citizen community. Another market is also close and has the same pricing tricks. 

A senior now has to drive an extra mile or so to get to a store that treats old folks like all other customers and they don’t have to play games or overbuy to get the lowest advertised price.  

Neil Davis 


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