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Letters to the Editor
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Recently following President Joe Biden’s description of an alleged murderer as being “illegal,” the left as they tend to do had an emotional breakdown over the use of the term. The preferred term for them is “undocumented” or “newcomer,” or even as Sen. Chris Murphy said, “undocumented American.”

It’s amazing how the left uses language to sanitize that which they want to normalize. The person who committed this heinous crime was in the country illegally and, most inconvenient to the left, had committed several crimes before allegedly murdering Laken Riley. 

He committed crimes and he was let go because in today’s wacky world of leftism, we can’t even deport illegals who commit crime.

 Conversely, the left has no problem calling me and half the country Nazis, homophobes, misogynists, terrorists and threats to democracy, whatever that means. When it comes to their fellow Americans, there is no attempt to sanitize their smears toward those of us who don’t believe or think as they do.

 This shows where their allegiance is. Illegals breaking the law by unlawfully entering this country and in many cases committing even more crimes once they get here is a “good” thing for our nation. 

People who think the mainstream policies of the left are insane and a precursor to the destruction of this country are called the worst names imaginable. And for the record, the left’s hyperbole is meaningless to us. The purpose of this letter is to highlight what they call non-American illegals versus their fellow Americans.  

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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