John Boston | Some See Dead People? I See Liberals.

John Boston

I’ve been blessed with many dear friends who also carry the job description of “HERO.” I marvel at the challenges many have not only met, but also conquered. A few of my pals have dwelt, lost, hopeless and in a fetal position on the sulfurous factory basement floor of Hell. On a road littered with charred skeletons, they’ve managed to make that choice — to stand and face the fire — then, march, painfully, left foot-right foot, out of that Hades of their own, personal making toward that first, faint glimmer of light. 

Some began the herculean journey by crying out, to friend, stranger, wise soul or unfamiliar number in a phone book. Some just realize they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. That dear friend of mine lived beneath the soil. His life was a haze, his bedroom was outdoors, on a discarded, flea-rich mattress. During his freefall into depravity and perdition, he’d search the classified ads not for a job, but for a workplace where he could pawn their inventory to buy more drugs and alcohol. My pal confessed how adept he became at being charming, helpful, with a can-do attitude that you just can’t help but trust. In this false persona, he knew exactly how to con you, all the right places to smile, nod and react sympathetically. Then, he wasn’t remotely listening. Instead, he was casing your home, fixated on what to steal from you for his next fix, his next high. 

But, miracles do happen.  

It started with him admitting he made a mistake. With the help of others and his own pure heart, he changed so completely, it was an ascension.  

Me? Right now? I fear I’m going in the opposite direction. I’m angry. I’m incensed by the state of our Civilized Union. My anger helps no one.  

Across America, from the White House and Sacramento down to local school boards, we’re surrounded by too many wicked people in crisp business suits, winning smiles and trust-me attitudes. Alleged public servants, leaders and influencers, motivated by vengeance for no wrong, pop out of bed with the morning prayer: “What can I steal today?” followed by, “…and, from whom?” It’s not like these beseechments are uttered from a kneeling position. Still. Their prayers are answered: “What lies can I tell? Whom shall I take advantage of? Whose life today can I ruin?” 

Chests puffed out, eyes scan rooms and lives, literally searching not to help, but to destroy. No. “Destroy” is not the right word. “Annihilate.” 

I’m a newsie. Even though it’s my career, I read too many headlines. Daily, media pages are filled with lawsuits and indictments without number. Some are justified. But, most are liberal and hysterical phantasmagoria.  

Lawsuit after fishing expedition, what a sinful waste of attention units. How many hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars have ended up in the pockets of lawyers and bureaucrats? Whatever the sum, it’s a vulgar amount. There’s so many things needed to fix in America, blessings to count, potholes to fill and hands to extend in help. Both sides are guilty of hanging upside down by their talons from a spectrum that runs from inept to Pure Evil. In a direction ranging from alarming to possibly cataclysmic, I’m watching, in real time, the collapse of the American culture by a villain wearing a large and oozing “D” on its chest. That “D” stands for Democrat. 

Yeah. For some, I’m an inch away from your nose, looking right at you. 

The Democratic tribe is certainly not the party of JFK or even Bill Clinton. The Democrats have metastasized into a coalition of alphabet soup crime families, coordinated to loot both wallets and souls. Daily headlines cite an avalanche of lawsuits. Crime and Law have merged into a single, two-headed beast, gorging itself on the people. As taxpayers, our wallets are bleeding to fund this unending grift. We’re not paying to fix roads or build bridges. We’re paying to fund an endless line of attorneys, useless bureaucrats and consultants who leave slime trails. Under Democratic Party leadership, America has morphed into an Imbecilocracy — an upside-down mob of citizens who can’t find Mexico on a map nor roughly tell you where the sun sets. 

Through this tragic opera, liberal lawyers march lockstep. They’ve already built a totalitarian society, where Lady Law is not blind, but an arm of the government unleashed to punish all who would threaten liberal looting, pillaging and burning down of Western Civilization. 

Western Civilization? 

You know. That vaporous albeit living entity that brought you the flushable toilet, ice cubes, the smart phone, thousands of different foods at the corner grocery, teeth whitener, high-top basketball shoes, same-day outpatient surgery, and, my personal favorite, the 64-ounce Coca-Cola slushie? 

Without (and often “With”) the benefit of drug or alcohol addiction, the Democratic Party comes into our homes and subtly scans for things to steal, from cold-hard cash to our souls and dignity. Like Iago, the famed villain from Shakespeare’s “Othello,” they hatch slimy and unending odious scams just for power. Why? Just because it pleases them. 

My dear, dear rescued friend? Was he lucky? Or just chosen? To borrow something biblical, at the bottom of his life, some faint spark within him burned, whispered that he was sleeping with the swine, encouraged him to rise, that he was better than the pigpen and all its snorting inhabitants. 

My friend had an awareness that he was on the wrong path. 

Stepping on a rake, many, many times? Sticking your tongue in a light socket? The profound stubbornness of the liberal mind? They’re all mysteries to me. 

But — how do you NOT know? 

The answer is more frightening than the question. 

After so many years of wickedness, how do you wake every day in stinking cold mud, see a pig sleeping next to you, smile with satisfaction and lovingly call her Gal Gadot?  

John Boston is one of America’s most decorated newspaper columnists. Check out his “Unauthorized Autobiography of Joe Biden” at

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