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Letters to the Editor
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Regarding Gary Horton’s column on March 6:

Loud people — what does that even mean ­— pushing for Reverse, quiet people in Neutral and “some” forever pressing forward Drive gears. First of all, when you drive forward into a dead end or a cliff, you need to go into reverse – duh!

Go forward on voting rights to make sure elections are fair and transparent.

Go forward on women’s rights to have women be responsible for the life they have inside them. Common sense says at some point when the baby is viable it should be allowed to be born. First trimester is a fair starting point of termination —  nine months and while birthing should be a hard no.

Go forward with education by educating kids on reading, writing, math and science. Go forward on education for K-12 and not holding information from the parents about their children. Transparency and clear public communication are the best ways to go.

Go forward with education by not having universities bankrupting students with predatory student loans while the administration and professors earn massive salaries. Also, the tax benefits and endowments should be reviewed … going forward.

Go forward to establish America’s leadership in the world. Kowtowing to our enemies (yes, we have enemies) is not a solution, it is an invitation for countries to use America in furtherance of their own goals. (Think NATO, the U.N., Russia, China.)

The problem isn’t going “backwards.” No one I know, no candidate I have heard or read, says they want to go back to the 1930s, or the 1950s or any other time in the past. This is such a false flag and ridiculous talking point, and if you say it enough, and see it on the news, and read it online, then it becomes the narrative. Most people want to go forward to better our country and for the benefit of our citizens.

Illegal immigration went “forward” under President Joe Biden, and we have 7-10 million illegals in this country. Sanctuary cities and states are now waking up to this issue and want to go “back” to a secure border. Most Americans want to go “back” to a secure border. Energy went “forward” under Biden when he stopped Keystone, leases, drilling and added regulations, and prices skyrocketed and inflation reared its ugly head. Most people want to “back” to lower rates, lower inflation and lower costs on just about everything. Homelessness, renewable energy, health care are all things to consider, going “forward,” but the solution is not just more taxes, more bonds, more subsidies, more bureaucracy. The solution is to put the money directly into the cities, counties and states. For example, in 2017 we passed a homeless sales tax to solve the problem. Almost half the money raised went to salaries, pensions, etc. It has gotten considerably worse even with spending billions of dollars.

So yes, on many items we should go “back” to what worked and go “forward” with hope, opportunity, and clear and transparent market-based solutions, not more government edicts, decrees and taxes. We can make America greater than ever and go back to be the shining city upon the hill.

Mark White

Santa Clarita

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