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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to expand the awareness of art in this community by using the examples of the city of Santa Paula’s Art Museum or the city of Paso Robles’ Artist Center in their town square, where art and music come together for all ages to have the opportunity to view, learn and/or watch artists creating? 

The Santa Clarita Artists Association gallery is wonderful, but tiny, and, sadly, there is no real foot traffic at the dark end of Main Street. Wonderfully gentrified — please more parking! Merely suggesting to those in charge of the expansion of the city of Santa Clarita to include, and put at the top of their list, a central, inviting place to view the art produced by talented people in this valley and for encouraging others of all ages to create. 

The “Art Center of Santa Clarita” — highlighting art of all mediums, music and theater, for all to experience, create, inspire and fulfill more of their dreams.

Barbara Gassner 


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