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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

“A solution for homelessness?” I am still wondering what the title had to do with the issue in Mr. Arthur Saginian’s letter (April 13). Actually, the letter itself is in response to an earlier letter by Mr. Saginian. He sets aside the factual corrections and generously states, “forgive the stuff he believes in.” I do not need his forgiveness for what I believe. If I need forgiveness, I ask my God for it! 

The comment about “having more children” dealt with the no-growth population in western countries where the birth rates are significantly below replacement. Population growth is not by birth but comes only from immigration from other areas of the world. America is not much different. But I am not concerned with overpopulation. The basic difference between us, Mr. Saginian, is that I believe in a God who has a plan and knows what he is doing and letting happen, while you apparently do not.   

Hilmar A. Rosenast


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