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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Where is John Krasinski when we need him again more than ever. John had a wonderful show that he did from home during the pandemic that he called “Some Good News.” It was for and about children, but it was truly appreciated by adults as well.

If there was ever a time we could use some good news it is now! Every time I turn on the TV all I see is worse and worse news. John, this is more of a pandemic than the last one! I feel like I need your show more than ever, or I may go crazy! It feels like the end of times with illegal immigrants coming across our border at will, everyone investigating everyone, ISIS growing again, wars, starvation, our leaders not leading, our children being brainwashed, our country dying, hate, hate, hate everywhere!

It did not matter if you were a Democrat, Republican, independent, or any other party, we felt good when watching your “Good News”!

We really need “Some Good News”! Where are you John Krasinski?

Ron Perry

Canyon Country

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