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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Paul McGuire wrote (March 16), and I commented as follows: 

McGuire: “I grow weary of the inaccurate or simply untrue opinions taking up space on The Signal’s opinion page and emanating from Team (Gary) Horton/(Lois) Eisenberg/(Thomas) Oatway, etc. Can you please just publish the results of them answering the following ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions? NO elaboration permitted. I expect it will be the Fifth of Never since I doubt any of them have the guts to answer truthfully:” 

Question (McGuire): Was the president’s decision from day one of his tenure to open the southern border, resulting in the illegal and permanent entry of many, many millions of people, good for America? 

Answer (Oatway): Improper question, not unlike, “When did you quit beating your wife?” Joe Biden did not open the border. Asylum seekers were not guaranteed permanent entry. It is to be determined on whether America will benefit. 

Question: Was the president and his administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan a successful, well-executed one? 

Answer: Yes. But it could have been better, and also worse.

Question: Is it OK for California taxpayers to pay for illegals’ health care? Legal fees? Housing? 

Answer: Yes, on health care. Yes, on most legal fees. No on housing. 

Question: Was the decision to close schools during the pandemic a good one? 

Answer: Yes. 

Question: Do you believe President Joe Biden and his family have achieved financial gain peddling their influence to foreign entities?  

Answer: No, but Donald Trump most certainly did.

Question: Should men who “transition” to becoming “women” be allowed to compete in female sports at high school-college-Olympic level? 

Answer: No. 

Question: Is climate change your No. 1 issue? Or abortion? Or is it a dead heat? 

Answer: Neither is my No. 1 issue. Trump is.

Question: Do you believe Biden is mentally capable of being the commander-in-chief for another four years? 

Answer: Yes. Consider the alternative.

Question: Despite him being an insufferable cad, don’t you honestly think the Donald Trump years were better for the country economically, internationally and domestically than under Biden? 

Answer: No. Trump mishandled the pandemic, and the economy tanked. Alliances were weakened. Vladimir Putin was emboldened. The U.S. becamse more divided.

Question: Are you better off financially than you were four years ago? 

Answer: Of course, thanks to the pandemic.

Thomas Oatway


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