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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Trump girl report: Just when Lois Eisenberg, Thomas Oatway and the esteemed Gary Horton thought they were rid of me.
Great news for everyone who has taken their blinders off and realize that President Donald J. Trump is the only candidate who can come remotely close to taking us back to the republic that is the United States of America. Sheesh, just going back to Trump’s policies would come close to doing the trick. So much of the damage done to our country since Joe Biden was elected stems from Biden’s actions on his very first day of office. If you haven’t been paying attention and don’t know what actions he took on his first day in office, you are part of the problem.
Now for the great news:
Since the last “Trump Girl” report, the Signal letter dated Jan. 6, 2024, I have continued to wear my “Trump Girl” hat on a pretty much daily basis. That one was purchased in 2019 and is no longer available. I bought a couple more Trump hats to switch off to.
The above-mentioned letter was regarding a horrible encounter at my local post office with a female Trump hater. I felt sorry for her at the time. I still do. Up to that point she was the only one giving me negative feedback about the hat.
Since that January letter, I have not gotten a single nasty or negative spoken word about any of my three hats. I may get a “look the other way” or a “non-committal look,” but not a single negative. As for the positive reactions? They have more than quadrupled at the very least. I have so many individuals of all ages, male and female, smiling, giving me a thumbs up, and so many asking me where they can get a pro-Trump hat. At various business facilities, in line at the two “healthy” take-outs I go to, even at the hospital I had to visit 15-20 times within a two-week period, so many happy to see the hat. Some even asking me if I am a little afraid to wear the hat. No, I am not afraid. The day I need to fear wearing a hat that promotes someone I admire is the day we no longer have freedom of non-violent expression. I pray to God I never see that day in the United States of America.
California is in really bad shape. You all should know why. On top of Biden and the regime in control since 2020, California has its own group in power. Namely, Gavin Newsom.
If California is going to be the model for other states to follow, California, as is, is the poorest example that could possibly exist. If you want California to be the example, you need to join New California State and help make it the 51st state of this great union of states. Not a secession! A partner to Old California.
New California State will be following the original Constitution of the United States. Join us at NewCaliforniaState.com.
Please do not say, “Great idea but it can’t be done!” Again, I say, “Thank God our forefathers did not say it can not be done!”
Each one of you who want our country to go back to being the Republic it was founded to be, ask yourselves, “If not now, when? If not us, who?”
Diane Zimmerman
Santa Clarita

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