Richard LaMotte | A Runaround and a Tax

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem. The state of California sent me a tax bill on $700 that they claim they sent me on a “California” card. We had never received this card and I called the number given. After a robo-phone runaround, we finally reached someone. We explained. 

After two months, they sent us a card. I tried to use it and found it already depleted. I called them back and explained there was no money on the card. They said they would open an internal claim. Months passed. I called back and was told that the claim had been seen at an administrative hearing and rejected because the card had been cashed in Palmdale, months before I received it. I explained that this made no sense, and no one had called me from this “administrative hearing” for my information. 

I was told that to complain I had to send a letter, accompanied by a record of the contact instances and a police report. I got the picture and paid the tax.

Richard LaMotte


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