Brian Richards | What Happens if Trump Wins?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

If former President Donald Trump becomes future President Trump, what will that mean to our republic? Will it mean an end to our democracy, despite the United States not being one?

There can be no doubt that future President Trump will unleash the federal government’s law enforcement apparatus upon his political opponent, Joe Biden. He will probably also get corrupt local district attorneys to do his bidding as well.

Future President Trump will also, through decrees and other extralegal means, censor his opponent and the people who supported his opponent.

Future President Trump will pick and choose which laws to follow and which to ignore. There will be two standards of justice under future President Trump. Those that support him and his causes and those that don’t. Those that don’t will pay a heavy price.

Future President Trump will use the vast power of the federal government to support causes he wants and to destroy causes he disagrees with. It will not make any difference if the American people support him or not in this endeavor.

If former President Trump is defeated, his supporters will riot violently not just for days, but for months and years.

These are the endless tales of gasbaggery the hysterical left throws at Americans each minute of each day. These pages are full of leftists who whine endlessly that Trump won’t leave office, even though he did, and even though 99% of Americans wouldn’t allow it, including and especially his supporters. 

For you see, we believe in the rule of law. Laughably, they never once talk about the greatness of Joe Biden because even they realize he’s a bitter, demented man who is well past his intellectual prime. That is, assuming he ever had an intellectual prime, which I don’t.

Americans are waking up to the foolishness and idiocy of the claims made against President Trump. The reason is clear! Americans are realizing that everything they accuse President Trump of is what they are guilty of. Each of the above examples of what would happen if Trump wins is what has already happened when Biden won.

Honest and sincere Americans will treat a Trump defeat as they did last time. They won’t be happy and they might even contest the election as Democrats do each time they lose a close election. Hillary Clinton still calls the Trump win in 2016 illegitimate and claims the election was stolen from her. 

Make no mistake. When Trump wins, the left will launch into an epic four-year temper tantrum that will make 2017 to 2021 look like a day at the beach. From my perspective, I hope future President Trump really gives them something to cry about! As noted Klingon philosopher Kahn once said, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” 

 Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch 

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