Lois Eisenberg | Hypocrisy of SCOTUS

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Supreme Court is blatantly delaying its decision about Donald Trump’s immunity case  and in doing so they are doing the U.S. a grave injustice. 

It is obvious that the SCOTUS is trying to find loopholes for Trump’s immunity case. One loophole is that the Supreme Court took up Trump’s immunity case, which should have been left to the appeals court. “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

If immunity is given to Trump, future presidents will have immunity to abuse criminal (laws). Trump’s immunity case left in the hands of the Supreme Court is not a good day for American democracy.

This Supreme Court has also displayed cynicism and bad faith that matches Trump’s own cynicism and bad faith. Who is going to keep the Supreme Court accountable if it won’t police itself? This Supreme Court is partisan and lacks ethical guidelines. 

Justice Neil Gorsuch, a Trump appointee, said he is not concerned with Trump’s  immunity case, but for the ones in the future. Justice Gorsuch, there will be no future for an American democracy if Trump is allowed immunity.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a Trump appointee, Justice Samuel Alito, a Bush appointee, feel the same way in not being concerned about this immunity case against Trump.

(Justice Alito’s wife) had two controversial flags displayed at his homes, about the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. Yes, it was a riot, and an insurrection. No folks, it was not a Capitol tour when you break down the doors with brute force, destroy property and attack the police. That is a riot and an insurrection in every sense of the word.

One of the flags was the American flag hanging upside down at one of Justice Alito’s homes, and this display of the flag hanging upside down stands for the theory that the 2020 election was stolen, which is a “big lie” and not proven.

The other flag, which was hanging at one of Justice Alito’s homes, has been associated with the Christian nationalist movement, which Trump has courted. 

Judge Alito, the U.S. flag is sacred and you dismissed this fact.  

That’s where we are at with this SCOTUS, which is thick in corruption.

The Supreme Court should not decide immunity “for the ages.” The Supreme Court has to be reformed, as demonstrated by this immunity case against Trump, and other controversial cases that will affect Americans’ well being and a fair standard of life.

There should be no protection for criminal conduct for a president of the United States, just because it is connected in some way to the presidential official duties. These Supreme Court justices are helping Trumpescape accountability and return him to the White House, which will be disastrous for America.

This Supreme Court, and I use supreme loosely, is hell bent in not holding Trump accountable for his various crimes, and it shows that the Supreme Court is more corrupt than previously thought.

How can the Supreme Court give Trump immunity when he praises the Jan. 6 rioters as heroes when they broke down doors in the Capitol in a violent manner, destroyed property and when he has 91 indictments pending against him?

Also, how can the Supreme Court give Trump immunity when he has just been found guilty on 34 felony charges? 

Hey, SCOTUS your hypocrisy is showing.

To the Supreme Court of the United States and one and all, “No one is above the law.” 

Lois Eisenberg


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