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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the recent article published on May 26, about the Memorial Day veteran flag placement at Eternal Valley. The article beautifully captured the solemnity and significance of honoring our fallen soldiers, and it was inspiring to see the efforts of the Scouts in our community highlighted in such a meaningful way.

However, I noticed a correction that needs to be addressed in regards to the Troop 2019’s affiliation. Troop 2019, while comprised of girls, is part of the Scouts BSA program under Scouting America, and not affiliated with the Girl Scouts of America. It’s important to clarify this distinction to avoid misunderstanding their organizational affiliation.

It’s worth noting that the Girl Scouts of America is equally a commendable organization that also contributes significantly to our community through its own programs and initiatives.

Despite this oversight, I must commend the troop for their accurate and eloquent presentation of the event’s purpose. Their commitment to honoring our fallen soldiers reflects positively on their understanding of duty and respect.

Kassidy Beattie


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